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Ashley Johnston

Welcome to Mrs. Johnston's Language Arts Page!

Important Dates:
2/24/17: Root Words Test/Paragraph of the Week Due

Grammar: Action, Linking, and Helping Verbs

Spelling/Vocabulary: Common Latin Root Words: (Test Friday)
1. Know how to spell the root word.
2. Know how to write the root word in cursive.
3. Know the meaning of the root word. 
4. Be able to give an example for the root word that makes sense.
Root  Word  Cursive Meaning Example
cand glowing, irridescentcandle
cardi heartcardio, cardiac
carni flesh, meatcarnivore
cert surecertain, certificate

Writing: Paragraph of the Week (Narrative)


"Genie in a Bottle"

Imagine you found a golden lamp.  When you rub the lamp, a magic genie appears.  He says you can make one wish.  What do you wish for?  Write a paragraph about what happens when you make your wish. 


Read the topic and brainstorm ideas. 


Write a first draft.


 Revise and edit your draft.


 Write your final draft. (Publish)


 Final draft is due.

Don't forget to include:

 -5 to 8 sentences
- A hook to grab your reader's attention
-Details and Description
-Conclusion Sentence

 Rubric and Editing/Revising Checklist Links:



 Narrative Writing Links to Resources and Videos:

Narrative Writing Characteristics

Narrative Writing 

Six Traits of Narrative Writing


Planning and Prewriting 

Writing an Introduction 

Writing a First Draft 

Writing a Conclusion 




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