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Rebecca Manning

Welcome to Mrs. Rebecca Manning's Fifth Grade Language/Writing Class.

              Mrs. Manning’s Web Page

                       Weekly Lessons

 Monday:  Review each week’s vocabulary for the “Wonders” reading story. Students write vocabulary words in their language notebooks, after class discussion. Daily Language Activity (Correct sentences)

 Tuesday:  Grammar Mechanics and Usage:  Parts of speech, capitalization, and punctuation, etc.

 Wednesday:  Correct sentences in cursive, Brain Pop, McGraw/Hill learning videos, read AR and take AR test.

 Thursday:  Grammar: Mechanics and Usage: Parts of speech, capitalization, and punctuation, etc. Grammar tests will be given periodically.

 Friday:  Students take vocabulary test, read AR and take AR tests.

 DAILY: Daily Language Activity (Correct sentences)

Practice with writing by using Readers to Writers in Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop book.

Spelling: Mrs. Manning’s homeroom: Each week we will work with spelling words from the reading series. Write words five times each in cursive, ABC order, sentences or story with words, define each word.  Spelling test on Thurs. afternoons. (Computer class each Friday first period)