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Sonjah Smith- Resource

My name is Sonjah Smith.  I am the Resource Teacher for grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th. 
I have been teaching for 20 years and 1
5 of those years have been at Good Hope Elementary School.  I assist students in Reading and Math in Small Groups.  I also go into the general education classroom and co-teach with the general education teacher.  I am married to Brandon Smith.  We have 2 children...Chrissi and Zeb.  You may contact me at 256-734-3824 or ssmith@ccboe.org .

9:00:-9:45...3rd Grade Intervention (S. Cofer's Homeroom)    
9:45-10:30...4th Grade Math (J. Cofer's Homeroom)     
10:30-11:00...4th Grade Reading (D. Calvert's Homeroom)    
11:30-12:15...4th Grade Reading (J. Cofer's Homeroom)     
12:15-1:00...4th Grade Math (M. Bates' Homeroom)    
1:00-1:15...4th Grade Break
1:15-2:15...4th Grade Math (D. Calvert's Homeroom)   
2:15-3:00..4th Grade Reading (M. Bates Homeroom)